Android 7.1 Developer Preview arrives for the Nexus 5X, 6P, and component C

Android 7.1 candy is slowly trickling intent on the globe via the discharge of the Google component, however currently users of older Google devices square measure ready to get in on the fun too. Google simply proclaimed the provision of the mechanical man seven.1 Developer Preview for the Nexus 5X, 6P and component C.

While the component phones have already got a finished version of mechanical man seven.1, Google calls this Nexus unharness “beta quality.” nearly each amendment to mechanical man seven.1 could be a Pixel-supporting feature anyway, therefore users are not missing abundant. because the initial unharness in Android’s new “regular maintenance schedule,” Google calls seven.1 associate “incremental unharness.” the corporate journal post calls out many objectives:
Since 7.1 has already launched on component, we’re delivering the initial Developer Preview at beta quality for the Nexus lineup of devices. The goal is to tease out any device-specific problems.
We’ve finalized the new Apis as API Level twenty five
We’ve detached business on Google Play for apps targeting the new API level, therefore you’ll be able to update your apps shortly as you’re prepared.
There square measure 3 ways to induce the Developer Preview. you’ll be able to register within the mechanical man Beta Program and wait to induce the OTA, you’ll be able to flash the OTA manually from here, otherwise you will wipe the entire device and flash a system image.

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