Man was sentenced to 99 years in prison on animal cruelty charges!

Nick Patterson, 30, of Alex town, Alabama, was sentenced to ninety nine years in jail when pleading guilty to aggravated animal cruelty charges.

Patterson starved and neglected purebred Collies on his grandparents’ property, resulting in his arrest.

A plea deal was affected on weekday between Patterson and also the prosecution, wherever he pleaded guilty not solely to 9 counts of animal abuse, however conjointly 3 counts of economic group action card fraud, reports Alex town Outlook.

Assistant DA friend Lewis, WHO negotiated the plea deal, hopes this can “send a message” to native residents. This has been associate degree emotional case and one that concerned a number of the worst animal abuse I actually have ever seen.”

“If you hurt a toddler or hurt associate degree animal in Tallapoosa County, you’re reaching to jail,” Lewis same. “It’s that straightforward.

Police discovered fourteen living, however malnourished , dogs in outside enclosures wherever Patterson lived last Gregorian calendar month.

The dogs solely had dirty rain water to drink and it had been found that they were solely fed periodically, and had been neglected for months.

Police conjointly found the remains of six different Collies on the property.

To try and escape from police, Patterson went on the run. it’s then that he reportedly fraudulently used credit cards and taken checks so as to stay going.

Patterson eventually turned himself in to authorities in town, Iowa, on July.

Patterson was sentenced to ten years on every of the 9 animal cruelty and abuse counts, and 3 years on every fraud charge. All sentences can run at the same time.

He could also be eligible for parole when he serves a minimum of eighteen years, per WSFA.

Patterson isn’t allowed to ever own associate degree animal once more.

WSFA reports that Patterson showed no feeling once the sentence was bimanual down.

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